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Subject : English
Year : 
Semester : 1

Suitable Model : U28M/U16M/U27M
This resource should place at : Сѧ

Description : 
Including all new and difficult words introduced in each unit of the latest textbooks. This vocabulary handbook provides Chinese and Malay equivalents of the words to help pupils understand their meanings. At the same time, pupils learn root words, tense, synonyms and antonyms of the words. Example sentences and thesaurus are also included.

Semester 1 Title:
Unit 1 Bang Boom Bang
Unit 2 Myself
Unit 3 Hello, friends
Unit 4 Good Friends
Unit 5 My Classroom
Unit 6 One, Two, Three
Unit 7 My Teacher
Revision 1
Unit 8 My Clothes
Unit 9 My Family
Unit 10 My House
Unit 11 Shapes Around Us
Unit 12 Beautiful Colours
Revision 2

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